Friday, December 3, 2010

Contemplating Warmachine????

Been looking a lot at WARMACHINE from Privateer Press lately, thinking about dropping 40K all together and going full on into a new game system. Like the look of the models, the price is better, the amount of models required speeds up painting time and gets you on the table sooner, the books are far superior with more content and totally full color, i love the cards that are used for quick reference, the range of models and options is huge, and now they are releasing more and more plastic kits for more options with less price and greater ease of building. Come to think of it, GW is losing out to Privateer Press in almost all categories. I will have to see if my ebay sales take, and then decide if getting out of 40K is for me, but as it is looking, I will at the very least give WARMACHINE a try. I can pick up a couple of Battlebox sets on the cheap and download the starter rules for free.

Give me some opinions on switching over, pros and cons.

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  1. When I look at from your perspective, it makes absolute sense. I would have to agree that the books are just first rate! My friend, I think that you've just inspired me to delve further into Warmachine.

  2. Well, Sir, I think you are helping my decision become all the more easier. I appreciate your comment and perspective, it is just difficult leaving some games that I have played for close to 20 years (Warhammer, 40K, and Advanced Hero Quest). Although, recent pricing and loss of GW keeping the gamer first, have left a sour taste with me. I do beliieve I am done with Fantasy and 40K, but will still play Advanced Hero Quest with my Dad and Bro. More stuff to ebay off.