Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Time for something different...

My work in progress(95% complete) 1/72 scale Sopwith Pup, for a game called Blue Max/ Canvas Eagles. Great fun to work on kits like these, especially since these and WWII models is what I grew up on, and these are what got me in to modeling to begin with.
Anyway, the game is great fun, can be played in an hour or so for a single dogfight, or long campaigns or with like 20 people if you have the space and gear for it. To top it all off, the rules and data sheets are all free to download from the designers, check out my links for Canvas Eagles and that will take you to the web site. More to come soon.

Updated pics of Squad and Rhino...

Just a couple more pics that I snapped

And now the Emporers Champion....

Finally did up my Declates Crusade Champion, still need to do the lettering on the Crusader seals and Purity seals. Oh well, I will touch it up some time soon. What I did with the sword and the severed Ork Warboss's head, is use my saw to jagged cut the tip off, then I drilled out the spot in the head and glued it in and used green stuff for the blood flowing from the wound. I tried to make it seem like he broke the sword off in the Orks Warboss's thick skull, and then decapitated the Foul Xeno Scum, just to make sure it was dead.
Well here you go, comments are much appreciated.

Black Templars Rhino

Finally got some decent pics to post, more to come.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Couple teaser pics of my first Crusader Squad

I will get some better pics up as soon as i get a better camera, old pics will have to do for now.
Crusader Squad #1

Gonna be busy...

Got several things coming in the mail for 1/72 WWI aircraft, i will try to get some decent pics of some of the goodies up soon. I will be getting some more pics of my Black Templars up in the next day or two as well, comments and criticism are always welcome.

Black Templars Castellan

Just thought I would share some pics of some of my mini's.
First up is my Black Templars Castellan converted from a Sternguard model, sculpted loin cloth from green stuff and magnetized arms for future additions (lightning claws comes to mind!). I apologize for the pics, don't have a good camera right now.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

500 point Black Templars list

Castellan, with bolt pistol, power weapon, frags

(9) 5x Initiates BP&CCW, 1x MG, 1x BP&PF, 2x Neophytes BP&CCW
Rhino with EA & Smoke

(6) 3x Initiates with Bolters, 1x ML, 1x PG, 1x Neophyte BP&CCW

Fast Attack:
1x Land Speeder Tornado with MM and HF

First Post

Well, time to share my thoughts and ideas with the world, or whoever wants to read it.
I plan to post up ideas on army lists tactics and modeling/ painting for Warhammer 40K and WWI 1/72 scale Aircraft.

More to come soon,
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