Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Black Templars Sold...

Well, the Black Templars are sold, shipping out soon. Still have the Crimson Fists to sell, and I will be putting them back on ebay soon, guess I will break up the group and sell them in smaller batches. Hopefully I get more bites that way.
I will be finishing up the painting on my Skulltaker and squad of Bloodletters and selling them too, so if interested drop me a line before I put them on ebay.

WARMACHINE here I come!!! I have decided to go away from 40K and try something new, maybe GW will get their stuff together some time and I will come back to it, but as for now, they lost a customer. I like the games and the story line of 40K and Fantasy, just don't like spending hundreds of hundreds of dollars to get my gaming and modeling fix. If they come out with a Kill Team game I will be all over it, but I doubt it as that would encourage people to buy less "plastic crack", and they can't have that now can they. Well, I don't want to turn this into a rant or anything, just going with a wallet friendly, skirmish based game for now. Hit me up if interested in my Marines or Demons, and I will put up links to my ebay listings as soon as I get them listed.

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