Saturday, February 12, 2011

Scheduling change...

Well, it appears that my LGS had changed their gaming schedule on me, so my first game of Warmachine is delayed, which isn't all bad. It gives me some more time to finish my brothers Cryx force before i take it for a test spin. In the mean time I have also been working on my new Faction, KHADOR! I have picked up some Widowmakers and a Heavy Warjack kit from the LGS, and I have the Battlebox on order. I plan on painting them up in a snow camo scheme, and putting them on some snow bases, so if anyone has some ideas, or pics for reference, it would be much appreciated. Right now I am pouring through my Khador book, and an old WWII book that my dad gave me, looking for color schemes and ideas. Sorry no pics right now, to busy to snap some pics. Well, back to work I go.

Support By Fire

Thursday, February 3, 2011

WOW! Sorry for being off for so long...

Life gets in the way some times, but back to the hobby I am. Just because I have been off line for awhile doesn't mean that I haven't been working on the Cryx army. I have finished the Slayer, and am currently working on the last Deathripper and the Defiler. My goal is still set at having them ready for this Saturday, as that will be my first official game (did a little play-testing/learning with my Bro). Here is the big change though, I have convinced my brother to get in the game, which is awesome, the bad news is he only wants to play Cryx! Well, in all my generosity and OCD, I have decided to give him an awesome Birthday gift! He will recieve my Cryx Battle-box fully painted with the Faction deck, pDenny token set, templates, and his own copy of the MK.II Rulebook all wrapped up in his very own Sabol Mini Case! Hope he doesn't read my blog before March, lol.

I guess I need to choose another Faction, anyone have any ideas?

Now for some pics of my Bro's Cryx WIP.