Sunday, August 22, 2010

Work in progress

Got my mini's organized and started doing some upgrades on my Crimson Fists Rhino, notably the Tac Arrow on top and the white shield on the front were the Maltese Cross will go, and some chiped paint effect, and some more weathering to come after decals are applied. I also worked up my list, and realized, i need money! Just to get to 1500 points I will need a Rhino, 2 Predators, some bits to make my Marshal, and would like to get the new Ven Dread in plastic, but I can use my current CF Dread for now. Looks like I need to come up with around $175.00 to complete. I think I am going to finish my Skulltaker and Bloodletters, and ebay them along with some old High elves that I have, might get 100-150 bucks for it all, just have to see what I got that I need to get rid of and get some serious painting going on too. Anyways here is a pic of my work this morning, not much, but gotta start somewhere.

Working on a few 1/72 scale WWI planes for Canvas Eagles too. Time to get back at it, and I will post up the new list later as well.


  1. thanks man, much appreciated. I really like your Chaos Marines, good stuff on your blog, keep it going, later.

    Oh, and my name is Will too, lol.