Friday, August 20, 2010

Took some time off...

Now I can focus again, I hope. Well, I have decided to run just my Templars, and to paint up the Demons and sell them. I have gotten quite a few things ready to incorporate into the Declates Crusade force recently. I dug up my old Crimson Fist Marines and started adding here and there and this is what I came up with.

E. Champ
7x Ini.,2x Neo Crusader Squad w/ BP/CCW, Melta and Power Fist
7x Ini., 3x Neo Crusader Squad w/ BP/CCW, Melta and Power Fist
10x Ini. Crusader Squad w/ Bolters, Plasma Gun and Power Fist
2x Rhinos
2x Drop Pods, 1 (is still in the box)
2x Land Speeder Tornados, w/ MM and HF, (1 is still in the box)

Now to make a list, think I am gonna go Mech rather than Drop, I just like tanks too much! Once I have a solid list for 1500 pts., I will know what else to buy, probably some Tri-Las Preds would be good. Well, off to write a list, and plan my army build, so I can get it done sometime before Christmas.

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