Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mech Black Templars, 1500 pts.

Here is the list I have decided on for 1500 points, and eventually scaling up to 1750- 1850 points. Let me know what you think, or any tips for playing the list or for the construction and painting of my Declates Crusade Force, need all the help I can get.

Mech Black Templars, 1500 pts.

Marshal: 2x Lightning Claws, Iron Halo, Melta Bombs, Frags,-- 136
Emperor's Champion – 140

Ven Dread: TLLC, HF, EA Smoke, and Tank Hunter 173

Crusader Squad (6 initiates; 3 neophyte): Melta, PF, and Rhino w/ Smoke and EA -- 209
Crusader Squad (7 initiates; 2 neophyte): Melta, PF, and Rhino w/ Smoke and EA -- 215
Crusader Squad (8 initiates): Plas Gun, PF, and Rhino w/ Smoke and EA -- 207

Fast Attack:
Land Speeder w/ Multi melta and Heavy flamer -- 75
Land Speeder w/ Multi melta and Heavy flamer – 75

Heavy Support:
Predator w/ Autocannon and lascannon sponsons, EA, Smoke -- 133
Predator w/ Autocannon and lascannon sponsons, EA, Smoke – 133

Total: 1496 pts.

Still need to purchase:
Bits for Marshal
1 Rhino
2 Predators
and possibly a new Ven Dread to replace my old Dread


  1. Does the emperors champion have to be in a black templars army? Because everytime i play against one they always have one

  2. In any army list over 750 points, you must include the Emperor's Champion, but it doesn't count against you on the force org slot.

  3. You forgot to add in the cost of your Champion's vow (unless I missed it). If you're looking for room I'd first take a close look at the Dread. In my BT army I run a regular Dread w/ MM. The cost on the Ven outweighs what I can do with those 20 points elsewhere, but YMMV. You might also look at a Vindicator as opposed to the Pred. It's a straight swap, points wise, since you've included the lascannon sponsons. The guy who taught me how to play 40K used to say "the only thing better than a Vindicator is 2 Vindicators". The Demolisher Cannon is pretty mean on the table-top against armor or flesh.

    Great blog, by the way. I'm certainly a follower now.

  4. Just wanted to add that your miniatures are fantastic! You've got tons of talent, and the little touches you add (the broken EC sword w/ the ork head come to mind) really set your stuff apart.

    I realize you're building your force up as you can, and there's something to be said for that, too. I think we'd all like to sya "I want XXX army" and, *poof*, suddenly you have all the models and bits you need, but an army you piece together usually ends up being your favorite one in the bunch. It took me a while to put my army together, and I actually was doing Ultramarines before I dropped them (for being too vanilla) and changed to Templars.

    For your next additions, might I suggest a 5 man squad of Terminators, either regular or close combat? They have deep strike ability using teleportation, so you can get them in deep with no transport (although I'd definitely look at a Land Raider Crusader if you can). I'd add another 5 man Term squad (the opposite of what you originally put in) after that. Currently I run a 10 Terminator squad (regular) that I break into combat squads once I'm on the board, and a 5 Term Close Combat squad I run out in a LRC (with my Terminator Chaplain riding with them).

    As far as your using the Declates Crusade markings, you have seen that the GW website has Declates (as well as a couple of other crusades) on the site, if you need the correct markings. I was actually thinking of making one of my Terminator squads into Declates vets because I think red power fists on them will look really cool.

    I saw you were planning on selling your Daemons on ebay, but have you thought of taking on commission painting projects as a way to make some money for your army? As I said, you've got serious skills, and I'd certainly look into having you paint up some BT's for me looking at your work. Just a thought.

    Anyway, good to see someone else flying the Templar flag high.

  5. WOW! Thanks for all of the awesome words and encouragement, I thank you sir. Now for some responses,
    - I did include the vow price on the Emp Champ., just rolled it into one total
    - I am seriously considering Vindicators instead of preds, still out on that one.
    -Thanks for following my blog, and I am following yours as well
    - May rework my list to change the Dread options around, but it will depend on whether I use Vindie's or Preds
    - I have the site for the correct markings, just haven't put them on yet, my finished squad is more like the newly arrived reinforcements, but the others will have the proper markings, and I am also using a modified templar cross decal that I got from Armorcast to spruce things up a bit.
    -I love terminators, got to hold off for awhile though, I feel like I need more bodies on the table at lower points games, but I definately will be getting some more (have 5 shooty Termies)
    -As for Commision work, I would love to be able to, unfortunately work and young kids take up most of my time these days. But, it is something I will do some day (hell, I still haven't even finished the Daemon squad yet, lol)

    And now I feel motivated again, thanks for the refuel B. Hudson, and for the seriously awesome comments on my work, much appreciated!

    Support By Fire

  6. I'm a huge fan of the Tank Hunting Dreadnought with lascannons. I also use 2 Vindicators in my list, as well as 5 Tank Hunting Terminators.

    I find that smaller Crusader Squads in Rhinos get shot up as soon as they get out. I like a 15-man squad in a Land Raider Crusader. To back it up, I use 2 5-man squads in Rhinos with lascannons.

    I find that a large force that moves together and is good at close-range shooting can overwhelm most opponents when you practice good target priority. And a 15-man squad led by the EC can handle even the toughest hand to hand units.

    Good luck.