Monday, January 10, 2011

Painting Cryx, Support By Fire's Style (part 1)

Alright, got a comment from Dean at The Old West Chronicle asking what techniques and what kind of paints I use to paint my Cryx. Well, Dean, here is part 1 of at least a 2 part post.

First, I will start off with a list of paint colors and what brand of paint they are from.

VGC= Vallejo Game Color
VMC= Vallejo Model Color
GWF= Games Workshop Foundation
GWW= Games Workshop Wash
GWP= Games Workshop Paint

GWP, Chaos Black
VGC, Black
VGC, Sombre Grey
VGC, Ghost Grey
VMC, Gunmetal Grey
GWP, Chainmail
GWP, Mithril Silver
GWP, Brazen Brass
GWP, Shining Gold
GWP, Rotting Flesh
GWP, Elf Flesh
GWF, Dheneb Stone
GWP, Bleached Bone
GWP, Skull White
GWP, Blood Red
GWP, Blazing Orange
GWP, Fiery Orange
VGC, Sun Yellow
GWP, Scorched Brown
GWP, Bestial Brown
GWP, Graveyard Earth
GWP, Bubonic Brown
GWW, Badab Black
GWW, Gryphonne Sepis

As you can see, I still have mostly GW paints, as I have just transitioned from 40K to Warmachine, I do not have any P3 paints yet. I am really liking the Vallejo paints as well, love the bottle they come in, and really like the consistency of the paint(practically already mixed with water so you can use it from the bottle with out watering it down). I will try out some P3 paints, but I am going to be replacing old paints with Vallejo for the most part, unless I need to make an exact match.
Some may notice, That I use 2 different Black paints, here is why. The Chaos Black from GW is a matte finish paint, and works great for painting black, VGC Black has a semi-gloss finish and is excellent for mixing with my grays for shading. I kind of stumbled on this actually, I had bought the VGC Black, thinking it would be matte, but I was thinking of the VMC that are the matte paints, so I had a happy accident. I will be replacing my dwindling supply of GW Chaos Black with a matte VMC Black soon though(love those dropper bottles).

Well,in part 2 we will look at what paints are used on which area of the model, and what mixes are used for highlighting. Keep an eye out for part 2 soon.

Support By Fire

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