Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back at it again...

To many things keeping me busy, and away from the hobby, but I have managed to get some things done, and get in a couple of games of Blue Max/ Canvas Eagles. I have finished my 1/72 Sopwith Camel, a 1/72 Fokker F.1(Werner Voss's machine)and painted 2 of the bases for Blue Max/ Canvas Eagles.
The main thing bumming me out though, is that i didn't make the time to finish my painting challenge on The Bolter and Chainsword, right now it is a little over half done and the contest ends tomorrow! Oh well, guess I can chalk it up to lack of time and a big lack of inspiration to paint my Black Templars.

Well here is some pics of some things I have finished and a WIP of my Black Templar painting challenge.

Roden 1/72 Sopwith Camel, made as Billy Barkers machine when he was with 28th sqn in Italy

Allied flying base

Rodens 1/72 Fokker F.1 done as Werner Voss's machine

and on the painted base for the Germans

And here is my shame, my half completed Black Templars for a Bolter and Chainsword Painting Challenge. I could get them done in time, but I am not going to rush a paint job and screw it all up. Besides where is the fun and enjoyment at in stressing and rushing to get done.

Hope you like, more to come soon.

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