Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So much to do, so little time....

Little work on my Skulltaker.

A lot of stuff waiting for some attention, and a box of Bloodletters not shown, and like 9 or 10 WWI 1/72 model airplanes too.

These guys are next up, Crusade Expansion painting challenge on Bolter and Chainsword just started up.

And this is what I have for my Black Templars at the moment, need to build the speeder and Drop Pod and get another 2 rhinos and a Termie with Assault Cannon, and that would get me to around 1250 points.

Now I just need to paint it all, lol.


  1. Skulltaker's coming along great. I like how you've kept the shallow spots dark. Looking forward to seeing how you finish the rest of him.
    Can't see how you're going to mount that SM jump pack though :P

  2. LOL, just snapped the pic next to a SM backpack, but just imagine if I could put a jump pack on Skulltaker and on Bloodletters! That would be awesome!