Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Time for something different...

My work in progress(95% complete) 1/72 scale Sopwith Pup, for a game called Blue Max/ Canvas Eagles. Great fun to work on kits like these, especially since these and WWII models is what I grew up on, and these are what got me in to modeling to begin with.
Anyway, the game is great fun, can be played in an hour or so for a single dogfight, or long campaigns or with like 20 people if you have the space and gear for it. To top it all off, the rules and data sheets are all free to download from the designers, check out my links for Canvas Eagles and that will take you to the web site. More to come soon.


  1. Very nice
    Britain's first purpose designed fighter plane.
    I have just played a couple of games of Wings of war.

  2. Thanks John, I thought about Wings of War, but me and my dad had a dozen or so different WWI 1/72 scale kits laying around, and it gets me building and painting something different from 40K to break up the monotony. I love WWI aircraft games though so I might try Wings of War out sometime. Thanks,

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