Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Got my first games in!!!!!

Alright, got some games in with my Brother at out LGS this weekend! Sorry no pics, but I forgot to snap them in the swirling midst of melee. Well, my Bro, was absolutely floored by my birthday gift to him! I gave him basically a complete start up into the game with a fully painted Cryx battle box, MK II rulebook, tokens and templates, tape measure, Sabol Platoon case loaded with foam, MK II Cryx faction deck and a marker for checking damage off. And what did I get for this? He beat me in our first 3 games in a row!!!!! LMAO! But I came back with a vengence with my Khador and tied up the score. We then found a couple of Hordes players to throw down with, one Circle player and a Skorne player. My Bro, took on the Circle player who was running some sort of eKaya list, not sure what it was, but between his feat and Crippling Grasp, he locked him down and forced him to give up before he was totally annihilated. I choose to take on the Skorne player running with pMorgul, a Titan Gladiator, a Cyclops, and a unit of Cataphract, and a solo that was incorporeal(no clue who it was). I ran my battle box plus a unit of Widowmakers. I got the jump on him and almost took out his Titan in one go with my Juggernaut on my feat turn, then he started dropping my Widowmakers down, and then I thought I had lost. He had feated so I could not use my focus and I was too close to him for comfort. I ended up camping focus and trying to put terrain between us, but he caught me anyways! Thanks to my def 16 and arm 20, he only did 9 wounds to me, and I then proceeded to put AX TO FACE! on my first hit I dropped him to 1 life, and then, game over, ASSASSINATION! All in all, great times and great games, learned a lot, and still much more to learn. I will work on getting some pics up of the finished Cryx, and of my new Khador force, and will try and remember to take pics of games.

I am HOOKED on this game! Love it!
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